Amanah Colocation and Dedicated Servers

Colocation and Cloud Connectivity in Downtown Toronto

Dual Data Centers at: 151 Front & 1 Yonge

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Hybrid Colocation

Combine your colocated private cloud with your favourite cloud providers affordably.

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Cloud Connectivity

Connect your on-premises private cloud to the public cloud privately.

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Cloud Servers

Lease our cloud servers and backup your cloud data instantly.

Why Connect Directly to the Cloud?



By using a point-to-point connection to the cloud, your business will eliminate all associated risks that come with traditional Internet vulnerability.


Egress Savings

Adopting a private connectivity strategy lowers the volume of data travelling through VPN tunnels and, as a result, reduces your total egress costs by more than 50%.



Your business doesn’t have to tolerate the Internet’s constant outages any longer. You can begin to enjoy the reliability and peace of mind that a dedicated/private direct connection to the cloud provides.

Why Amanah?

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Time to Market

With Amanah’s Cloud Connected Hybrid Data Centers, you won’t have to wait for weeks or months to connect to the cloud… you can now get connected in a matter of days!

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Connect to the cloud with Amanah & save on cross connection & MPLS fees. Amanah offers the best prices for cloud connectivity in Toronto, guaranteed!

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With Amanah, you have cloud connectivity options! You can connect your colocated infrastructure, lease our cloud servers, or simply connect your on-premises private cloud to the public cloud using our Network-to-Network Interfaces!

Amanah Means Trust

Amanah’s mission is to connect businesses directly to the cloud by offering Hybrid Colocation, Private On-Premises Cloud Connectivity & Cloud Servers.

Hybrid Downtown Data Centers

Amanah owns and operates Two Hybrid Data Centers in the heart of Toronto. Our data centers help thousands of businesses navigate colocation and cloud connectivity, and transform how they operate and interact with their customers.