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Colocate in Downtown Toronto – At Prices You Can Afford

Are you thinking of expanding your data center capacity or outsourcing your current server infrastructure environments? Amanah provides affordable colocation facilities in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District. Directly connected to our data center space inside 151 Front Street, on a network from multiple Tier 1 providers that’s both lightning fast and ultra-reliable, our 1 Yonge Street location provides you with the key elements of a telco hotel data center space: proximity to cross connections and internet exchanges, and Always On networks and systems, without the premium prices.

Situated within the Toronto Star building at 1 Yonge Street, our 1 Yonge Colo Data Center facility is located minutes away from the Billy Bishop Airport, it’s a short walk from Union Station and there’s easy access to major highways in and out of Toronto. Our waterfront location along Queen’s Quay makes us one of the most scenic colocation hosts in the region. The building offers customers 24/7 security, and bustles with activity around the clock, deterring opportunistic crime that occurs in quieter locations.

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1 Yonge Street Colocation Services

Our 1 Yonge Colo facility cabinets come equipped with both A and B power capability, and support up to 44U each. Purchase space is available in shared 1U, and private 1/4, 1/2 and full rack configurations. Each option has standard 110V power offerings that can be easily modified for custom power circuits. If you need additional security for your data and IT equipment, private cage space is always an option.

Our 1 Yonge Colo data center has 3 temporary workstations that you can use when you’re onsite. Every workstation is cabled and has complimentary Wi-Fi access. For equipment unpacking and staging, Amanah provides a convenient and confined area for set-up.

Options & Pricing

At Amanah, we understand that every business has its own needs and requirements. We offer four standard colocation options, but if you’re looking for a completely customized solution, just get in touch with our sales department and we’ll set you up with precisely the colocation service your business demands.


Colo Specifications

  • 1U
  • 1.88"(H) x 24"(W) x 42"(D)
  • 1 Gig Uplink
  • 100 Mbps (30 TB) Bandwidth
  • 110V 1 Amp Power
  • 8 IPs (/29) – 5 usable
  • Secure VLAN
  • Access by scheduled visit


on a 1yr Term
(One-time Set-up Fee $99)

¼ Rack (10U)

Do you need a small, secure space for an initial deployment with a plan to adopt a larger space in the future? Or maybe you’re looking for additional space over and above your current environment. Amanah’s secure ¼ Racks are the perfect solution for scalability and complementary space needs. These locked 10U cabinets provide the same security as our larger cabinets, with unescorted access 24/7/365.


Colo Specifications

  • Quarter Rack - 10Us
  • 20"(H) x 24"(W) x 42”(D)
  • 1 Gig Uplink
  • 100 Mbps (30 TB) Bandwidth
  • 110V 20 Amp Power
  • 8 IPs (/29) – 5 usable
  • Secure VLAN
  • 24/7 Access


on a 1yr Term
(One-time Set-up Fee $499)

½ Rack (21U)

If you don’t need a full cabinet, or if you have plans to grow to a larger cabinet or cage in the future, Amanah’s Secure Half Cabinets are the right choice. These locked 21U cabinets provide the same security as our larger cabinets, with unescorted access 24/7/365.


Colo Specifications

  • Half Rack - 21Us
  • 41"(H) x 24"(W) x 42"(D)
  • 1 Gig Uplink
  • 100 Mbps (30 TB) Bandwidth
  • 110V 20 Amp Power
  • 8 IPs (/29) – 5 usable
  • Secure VLAN
  • 24/7 Access


on a 1yr Term
(One-time Set-up Fee $799)

Full Rack (44U)

Our Secure Full Cabinets offer the security, flexibility and convenience your business calls for. These are locked 44U cabinets, giving you that extra little bit of valuable space that’s missing in our competitors’ offers of 42U. Amanah’s Full Cabinets come with unescorted access 24/7/365.


Colo Specifications

  • Full Rack - 44Us
  • 83"(H) x 24"(W) x 42"(D)
  • 1 Gig Uplink
  • 300Mbps (100TB) Bandwidth
  • 2x 110V 20 Amp Power
  • 8 IPs (/29) – 5 usable
  • Secure VLAN
  • 24/7 Access


on a 1yr Term
(One-time Set-up Fee $999)

Value-Add Services

Cross Connections

Low cost, low latency, reliable connectivity in our data centers

When you colocate within Amanah’s carrier-neutral data center, you minimize networking costs, significantly reduce latency and improve application performance by using our portfolio of Cross Connects. These features connect you directly to 175+ customers colocated at 151 Front Street – Canada’s premier telco point of presence in Toronto.

Our Cross Connect portfolio gives you a wide range of direct connectivity options at competitive prices to meet your business needs. Our Cross Connects are easy to implement because:

  • The portfolio, process and SLAs are standard across our data centers
  • Authorized users can order Cross Connects through our online Customer Portal in an automated way without the need for a signature
  • We have expert connectivity engineers at our sites
  • We don’t tie you down with long-term contracts – your maximum commitment is one month, invoiced along with your space and power

Our Cross Connect Portfolio Consists of…

Cross Connect (CC):

A fiber, copper or coax connection between 1 Yonge Street and another party’s Meet-Me-Room at 151 Front Street


One-time Set-up Fee $250

Intra-Building Cross Connect (IBCC):

Connects parties within 1 Yonge Street to the Meet-Me-Room within Amanah’s data center in the building


One-time Set-up Fee $100

Intra-Customer Cross Connect (ICCC):

Enables you to cross-connect your own equipment so you can expand your footprint even if there’s no contiguous space available in the data center.


One-time Set-up Fee $250

Remote Hands & Eyes Services

The availability of your businesses and servers is critical in order to ensure that your day-to-day operations are supported. Not every business is equipped with its own IT staff to be available onsite in short notice. Amanah’s Hands & Eyes Service is here to complement your own team of experts and assist you with both emergency and non-emergency requirements for hardware replacements, server reboots, KVM over IP and more.

The Amanah Remote Hands & Eyes service is available for all clients with shared or private colocation space.

Services Include:
  • Business Hours Support - $100/hr
  • Non-Business Hours Support - $200/hr with a minimum 2-hour call-out
  • Hardware replacement
  • KVM over IP
  • Server reboot
  • Server racking
  • Equipment documenting & labelling
  • Cabling management
  • Cabinet cross connects
  • Equipment shipping & receiving

Need a Custom Quote?

Looking for something other than our standard offerings? No problem!

If your business requirements demand something specialized that you don’t see here, send an email to We’re a customer-centric company with a flexible approach so we’re happy to discuss your needs and build an exclusive solution for your business.

Why Colocate with Amanah?

99.99% Uptime Guarantee— No Downtime. No Worries.

Our Service Level Agreement promises 99.99% uptime – a guarantee we proudly stand by. No matter what the reason, if you experience any unscheduled downtime, we do everything we can to make up for it. Just say the words and you’ll be credited a full day of free service for every hour you’re offline to account for the inconvenience to both you and your customers.

Unbeatable Prices in Downtown Toronto

1U of space, power and connectivity starting at $99/month!

Amanah’s prices are among the most competitive in the city and are by far the most affordable in Toronto’s Financial District. Each of our units features a 100Mbps uplink, 30 TB of bandwidth, 1 Amp of power, 5 usable IPs (/29) and a secure VLAN (providing your server with superior security, reliability and performance on our local network). Large spaces come with much more.

Easy Scaling on Your Terms

Just focus on your business – our hardware handles the rest.

At Amanah, we offer colocation solutions to meet any requirement. You can choose between 1 server unit (1U), a quarter rack (10U), half rack (21U) or full rack (42U). Upgrading is fast and simple. As your business needs evolve, so do the services we provide. We’re here to partner with you and help you grow. That’s why our contracts are month-to-month, giving you the freedom you need to adjust and accommodate for new business needs as they arise.

24/7/365 Access to Your Server

Access your data anytime, anywhere.

Colocating with Amanah means you have full access to our data center and your servers whenever you need them – at no additional cost.

Can’t make it to your servers in person? Don’t worry. Now you can access them remotely through Amanah’s IP-KVM switches, or feel free to take advantage of our Remote Hands services.

Still undecided? Get a closer look!

Site tours are available upon request at our 1 Yonge Street data center so you can see everything we have to offer firsthand. Just send an email to for more information.

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Our Mission

To provide affordable colocation services and unmetered dedicated servers to small and medium sized businesses, from our Canadian-owned and operated data centers in downtown Toronto.