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Amanah Tech Inc. is a trusted provider of affordable colocation, dedicated servers and IP services, from its two owned and operated data centers in downtown Toronto.

Amanah About Us

Our Vision

To become Toronto’s natural choice and trusted provider for economical and friendly dedicated servers and colocation services.

Our Mission

To provide affordable colocation services and unmetered dedicated servers to small and medium sized businesses, from our Canadian-owned and operated data centers in downtown Toronto.

“Amanah” means “Trust”. Literally.

Clients trust us and we trust our clients. Since the beginning, we’ve taken this trust very seriously and we continue to do so. In fact, the word “amanah” means “trust”. And we earn this trust by providing reliable hardware, high-quality services, transparent pricing, personalized client support and outstanding data center locations.

  • We know the ins and outs of the industry.
  • We stand behind the services we provide.
  • We solve critical problems for our clients.

And this is how we maintain an industry-leading client retention rate.


Our Story

2001 With just a $15,000 loan from the Canada Youth Business Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, Amanah begins as a start-up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It has since grown to be a very successful multi-million dollar venture and one of the top colocation and dedicated hosting providers in Canada.

2004 Relocate to 151 Front Street, Toronto, known as the internet hub for all of Canada – in other words, the place to be for impeccable internet related services. Every year that goes by, our core strengths continue to evolve as we constantly research, strategize and innovate.

2013 The first company in Canada to provide clients with 100TB dedicated servers.

2015 The well-known Cogeco-Peer1 downtown facility at 1 Yonge Street (the Toronto Star Building) is acquired by Amanah to support the company’s rapid organic client growth. This move gives Amanah the ability to offer cost effective colocation services right in the downtown core.

Toronto Downtown Data Centers

The Data Centers

We have two downtown Toronto data centers:

  • 151 Front Street West (Canada's top point of presence in the internet marketplace).
  • 1 Yonge Street (the Toronto Star building) with approximately 1 km of dark fiber connecting the two facilities for zero latency. This means our clients at 1 Yonge Street can connect to one of North America’s premiere carrier hotels at rates much lower than those of our competitors, and can acquire speed and redundancy between the two locations for applications like disaster recovery.

Both facilities are located in Toronto’s financial district and are equipped with 24/7 security, cameras, access controls, and redundant power and cooling. Come for a tour anytime!

Our Services and SLA

Amanah is founded on a single goal: to provide the utmost value and competitive pricing by focusing on a core set of services. We work with clients to find solutions that work for their businesses. We understand that SMBs go through changes and growing pains, so we have standard short-term agreements that enable these companies to grow their IT presence without feeling locked down by long-term contracts.

We specialize in four services:

  1. Colocation: We offer a wide range of colocation services, from hosting standard 1U rack servers to full racks and custom cages. You have 24/7 physical access to your servers as well as remote hands support.
  2. Dedicated Servers: We have the most cost-effective dedicated hosting plans in Canada, featuring top-of-the-line servers and 100TB data transfer.
  3. IP Transit: Cross connect to Amanah to get traffic to your network. We provide BGP or static routing; multiple BGP sessions on one port; link aggregation; DDOS mitigation; and native IPv6 or dual stack.
  4. High Speed Internet: Fast and reliable internet connectivity for tenants of 1 Yonge Street is available at 1Gbps and 10Gbps speeds.

We provide a 99.99% SLA guarantee and custom support solutions. Above all else, client satisfaction is our biggest priority. To make your life even easier, we’ve partnered with Ubersmith which powers an intuitive online portal where you can easily see your invoices, order new services and manage support requests.

Amanah understands the importance of your data’s security. This is one of the biggest reasons we chose to operate our company in Canada – a country with strict privacy laws. Our 100% Canadian hosting provides clients a safe haven from a wide range of laws that give governments access to data, including the DMCA, the USA Patriot Act and the USA Freedom Act.

Our Clients

Amanah clients are the driving force of our business. Our processes and services are specifically designed to solve issues and provide much-needed internet related services so company owners can focus on their day-to-day operations.

Our clients stay with us for a number of reasons:

  • Excellent connectivity
  • High speed and unmetered bandwidth
  • Affordable rates
  • Flexible terms

Amanah’s clients include leading VPN providers, video streaming and media services, file sharing and download networks, internet services companies, and numerous international organizations. Just a few of our most valued client names include Workopolis, McAfee, Intel, Pingdom and Seneca College.

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Our Mission

To provide affordable colocation services and unmetered dedicated servers to small and medium sized businesses, from our Canadian-owned and operated data centers in downtown Toronto.