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Amanah’s Customer Base

Amanah works tirelessly to provide superb customer service in the delivery of affordable, reliable and outstanding dedicated server and colocation services to small and medium sized businesses, allowing our customers the freedom to focus on their day-to-day operations. Our clients include leading VPN providers, video streaming and media services, file sharing and download networks, internet services companies, instructional institutions and numerous international organizations.

Customer Stories

It’s one thing for us to tell you how great we are, but it’s quite another for you to see exactly how we’ve helped organizations just like yours. Companies of varying sizes from around the world, Amanah’s customers share the same need for secure, reliable, responsive and affordable hosting and data center services. From a single dedicated server instance, to full racks of colocated equipment, our services are delivered on time, on flexible terms and at affordable rates that match our customer-friendly commitment. It’s for these reasons that so many customers choose Amanah as their hosting and colocation partner.

Take a look below to gain a sense of how we’ve been able to help our customers successfully achieve their goals.

Workopolis Amanah Customer

Powering the Job Seeker’s Engine

When Workopolis moved its offices to 1 Yonge Street, they were in need of reliable and fast bandwidth. As Canada's largest and most popular online job site, Workopolis receives millions of monthly visitors to their website. Additionally, they provide Canadian businesses and residents with tools, alerts and databases to assist with their job searches, and are the country's go-to source for the latest career news, insights and advice.

It was a natural fit for Workopolis to select Amanah as their on-site IP Transit provider and colocation host. Amanah provided a dedicated and secure data center space within 1 Yonge Street, where Workopolis colocates their vital server equipment. From the data center, they can easily cross connect to the data center and take advantage of Amanah’s blazing-fast Internet speeds, and zero latency network connecting the building to 151 Front Street and TORIX.

AddictiveMobility Amanah Customer

Scalability for Growth and Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Addictive Mobility is a Canadian-based technology platform that provides an end-to-end solution map for in-app advertising, and is a full end-to-end in-app ad tech platform for mobile programmatic real time bidding (RTB).

The company continues to grow rapidly and must ensure that its technology is architected for scale in order to meet ever-increasing demand. As part of its growth strategy and need to control costs, Addictive Mobility began to repatriate some of its core services from the cloud. The company was in need of a provider who owned two data centers in close proximity within Toronto’s downtown core, interconnected by a zero-latency network, and able to offer the services at a price point lower than that of their current solution. And that’s where Amanah came into play.

Amanah was able to meet all of Addictive Mobility’s needs – we operate two secure and reliable data centers in Toronto’s downtown core, 750 metres apart, and connected by a fiber network capable of delivering high speeds and zero-latency.

Seneca Amanah Customer

Business Continuity for Continuing Education

With campuses throughout the Greater Toronto Area offering full-time, part-time and continuing education courses, Seneca relies heavily on its IT infrastructure and network to deliver the online customer experience required in the institution’s new Internet-driven study models. Amanah was able to offer a secure and reliable downtown Toronto data center location that was connected by, and that offered the low-latency connectivity solution needed for Seneca to provide a first-class experience to its students.

By colocating its infrastructure with Amanah at our 1 Yonge Colo facility, Seneca was able to take advantage of scalable data center services at affordable prices that met the institution’s budget requirements and did not compromise any of its IT standards.

Hubio Amanah Customer

Providing Real Colocation Value

Through the innovative use of telematics, usage-based insurance (UBI), analytics, claims management software, mobile, gamification and other enterprise technologies, Hubio has brought new levels of data-driven insights to the insurance and automotive industries.

Hubio’s goal is to deliver solutions that make doing business easier for insurers and brokers, streamlining workflows, speeding up transactions and simplifying information sharing and collaboration.

Hubio chose Amanah to be the host for its colocation environment in the Toronto market for a number of reasons. Amanah was able to deliver the secure and reliable space required by Hubio to host their equipment at our 1 Yonge Colo facility. We were also in a position to provide extremely fast and redundant connectivity to meet the transactional speed requirements demanded by Hubio’s end customers. Amanah was able to do so by leveraging its own fiber network, its direct peering with TORIX, the Cogent peering point at 1 Yonge Street, and the many additional carriers located within our Meet Me Room.

VPN Providers

VPN providers put a lot of trust in the hosting company they work with. Hidden fees, data breaches, long-term contracts and unreliable networks can be disastrous for VPN providers. They need a partner who understands their business, and who knows how to protect it and help it grow. Amanah is the trusted partner for many of the industry’s largest and best-known VPN providers.

Here’s why we’ve been selected as the partner of choice for so many:

We Can Handle your Bandwidth

We understand your need for bandwidth and predictability. That’s why we offer unmetered bandwidth, with affordable bandwidth speeds and feeds to meet even the most robust customer requirements.

We’re Committed to Your Privacy

We won’t track, access or log your data unless strictly necessary. All of our equipment is in secured and monitored cabinets and cages, which are accessible only by those Amanah employees who absolutely require access to assist customers.

We offer Two Superb Locations in Downtown Toronto

Our 151 Front Street West Data Center is located in Toronto’s premier telco hotel, where we are peered with TORIX, Toronto’s Internet Exchange. You can’t get any closer to the global markets than that. Our 1 Yonge Street Data Center is 750 meters away from the telco hotel, and connected by dark and lit fiber with virtually no latency, giving you the look and feel of being in the telco hotel itself.

Your hosting service isn’t something you should choose lightly – especially if you have clients of your own. They’re the core of your business and the lifeblood of the hosting company you select. Make the right choice and select Amanah, just like our partners above.

Contact us today to learn why our clients are so successful and how you can become one of them!

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Our Mission

To provide affordable colocation services and unmetered dedicated servers to small and medium sized businesses, from our Canadian-owned and operated data centers in downtown Toronto.