Amanah’s main network is based out of 151 Front Street (Canada's premier communication hub for global telecommunication). We are directly interconnected with our second network at 1 Yonge Street through dark fiber with zero-latency. Our network is assembled using a mix of providers including GTT Networks, Hibernia and Cogent, and we peer directly with the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX).

Carrier Neutral Data Center

Unlike many data centers in Toronto, Amanah does not operate on a one-size-fits-all model. We provide clients the option to buy bandwidth directly from us, build their own network, or blend a mix of the two employing a primary-secondary model.

151 Front Street West Connectivity

151 Front Street West is the home to more than 150 telecommunication companies operating as carrier and/or data centers. This powerful location is one of North America's most connected buildings with 9 unique fiber-optic networks and ease of access to the national fiber backbone (since it is located beside the rail networks with 25 diverse points of entry (POE)), offering clients pathway diversity, total flexibility in terms of service providers and more than 7,000 strands of fiber.

Amanah’s data center and network in the building is a mission-critical facility and offers our clients many features including unsurpassed levels of security, reliability and connectivity.

The Meet Me Room - Interconnectivity

Amanah offers access to a highly secure fiber-optic meet-me-room which house access points for networks that span the globe. Our meet-me-room is secured with 4 CCTV cameras, and access is restricted and secure.

Amanah Dedicated Servers

Amanah Dedicated Servers

1 Yonge Connectivity

Amanah’s 1 Yonge Street Data Center is mere steps away from the Toronto telco hotel. Besides our own dark fiber, zero-latency network back to 151 Front Street West, we provide our customers the ability to connect directly to the Cogent POP at the facility. Amanah also allows cross connectivity directly with Cogeco, Rogers, Bell Canada and Beanfield within the facility, or with 151 Front Street through our DWDM Fiber which enables customers to interconnect with any of its providers. No matter what your connectivity needs to 1 Yonge Street, to 151 Front Street, or to the Internet, Amanah is set-up to help at the most affordable rates in Toronto.

Amanah Dedicated Servers Amanah Dedicated Servers

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Our Mission

To provide affordable colocation services and unmetered dedicated servers to small and medium sized businesses, from our Canadian-owned and operated data centers in downtown Toronto.