Amanah Cloud Connect

On-demand connectivity for your hybrid cloud journey.

Amanah Cloud Connect is a secure dedicated Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity between your private and public cloud resources. Get direct access to leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, and more. Experience enhanced security, reliability, and performance. Scale your connectivity from 100Mbps, up to 10Gbps, effortlessly adapting to your evolving needs. Build hybrid, multicloud, cloud-to-cloud, and disaster recovery solutions with unparalleled ease and reliability.

Connect to the World’s Top Cloud Service Providers

Amazon AWS

Unlock your business’ potential with AWS, the virtual backbone of’s multi-billion dollar online business. Scale computing power with Amazon EC2, secure data with Amazon S3, and manage databases with Amazon RDS. Innovate using AI/ML with Amazon SageMaker and gain insights with Amazon Redshift.

Microsoft Azure

Accelerate your digital transformation with Microsoft Azure. Flexibly compute with Azure Virtual Machines, scale storage with Azure Blob Storage, and manage databases with Azure SQL Database. Power AI applications with Azure Cognitive Services and analyze data with Azure Synapse Analytics.

Google Cloud

Empower your business with Google Cloud Platform and build on the same infrastructure as Google. Customize VMs with Google Compute Engine, store objects with Google Cloud Storage, and manage databases with Google Cloud SQL. Leverage AI with Google Cloud AI Platform and gain insights with BigQuery.


Protect your business from cyber threats, optimize your online performance, and ensure high availability with Cloudflare. Experience advanced security features like DDoS protection, WAF, and SSL/TLS encryption. Accelerate content delivery with Cloudflare CDN and optimize with Cloudflare Workers.

The Cloud at Your Doorsteps

The Cloud at Your Doorsteps.

Amanah Cloud Connect completely bypasses the Internet and its vulnerabilities, providing you with a private fast lane to the cloud. Whether you want to connect your office on-premise infrastructure or your Amanah colocation deployment, our seamless integration brings the cloud right at your doorstep. Literally.

Experience lightning-fast, high-bandwidth connections that eliminate latency issues and data bottlenecks. With Amanah Cloud Connect, your business gains enhanced security, reliability, and uninterrupted access to cloud resources. Leverage the full potential of the cloud and connect your digital infrastructure to new possibilities.

The Cloud at Your Doorsteps

Smart Cloud Connectivity Solutions

Experience optimized cloud service performance with a robust network architecture powered by dedicated connectivity. Whether it’s a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, Amanah empowers you with unmatched power, agility, and speed to connect and manage resources and drive intelligent business operations in the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Spin up and deploy a global hybrid cloud that seamlessly integrates your private and public cloud resources. Enjoy the scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of the public cloud for big data, analytics, and development, while retaining control over critical applications and sensitive data on your private servers. Move workloads in real time and efficiently scale your resources to adapt to fluctuating digital demand.


Mix and match your cloud applications by connecting to any or multiple of the world’s leading providers and accessing best-of-breed services. Connect to multiple cloud regions from a single interconnection point with greater security and privacy than traditional networking solutions.

On-Demand Connectivity

Right-size your connectivity by increasing or decreasing your bandwidth between 100Mbps and 10Gbps to match workload demands. Whether it’s accommodating business growth, handling major projects, or improving everyday workload transfers, our flexible connections ensure efficiency without straining your budget.

Get to the Cloud Fast

Speed up your setup and simplify the process of building and deploying connections to the services your business runs on. Quickly and easily create a hybrid network without the usual siloed and complex configuration tasks. Get connected to cloud services, managed services, and between data centres almost instantly. Move your workloads in real time so you can focus on what’s next.

Future-Proof Your Business

The most future-focused businesses are those with a streamlined, high-performance cloud architecture. Amanah helps you get to the cloud from wherever you are. On-demand global connectivity makes it easy to: scale beyond your infrastructure, get greater control over your data, and stay competitive in your market.

How to Connect

We have built our own Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) inside Meet Me Room #1 at 151 Front Street West and integrated all the major ISPs in the area – Rogers, Bell, Beanfield, Cogent, Allstream, and more. No matter your ISP or business location, connecting to us is only one switch away.


First, initiate the process by requesting a Point to Point (P2P) connection from your Internet Service Provider to Amanah’s Network-to-Network Interface (NNI).


Second, once connected to our NNI, we will extend your secure P2P connection to your Public Cloud resources over a Virtual Cross Connection (VxC) within the same day.

Bring it All Together

Consolidate and manage all your connections effortlessly with Amanah Cloud Connect. Simplify your network management by deploying hybrid, multi-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and disaster recovery solutions from a single user-friendly platform. Customize your network architecture to your needs, and let us simplify the rest. Experience the power of streamlined connectivity with Amanah Cloud Connect.

Get Connected to the Cloud Today.