Cloud Connectivity

When it comes to technology, good enough just isn’t enough.

Simplicity drives adoption; reliability drives value. You need a cloud hosting provider to ensure maximum uptime and support. 

Expanding cloud markets means greater complexity, so how do you find best-fit cloud hosting services that meet existing needs, scale up on-demand and make it easier for you to deliver mission-critical software and services?

Why Direct Connectivity?

Direct cloud interconnections provide a myriad of benefits.

  1. Security
    Connecting to cloud providers via direct interconnection limits the points of network access.
  2. Performance
    Direct connections provide an average 44% reduction in latency vs. the public Internet.
  1. Reduced Costs
    A cross-connecting directly reduces your networking costs and your egress rates as well.
  1. Reliability
    Direct average 60% less variability than the public Internet.
  1. Ease of Doing Business
    Connecting directly can help improve unified communication and collaboration services, which are increasingly critical to productivity for enterprises.
cloud security


cloud security


cloud security


Network-to-Network Interfaces 

With Network-to-Network Interfaces, information is moved with exceptional dependability. An enormous measure of information can be shared or moved between numerous clients.

Connect with your ISP (Rogers, Bell, Beanfield, Allstream etc.) by provisioning a VPLS Layer 2 Connection from your on-premises facility to Amanah’s Data Center.

We believe you should enjoy the luxury of a cloud connect service that offers affordable, reliable, and secure direct links to top cloud providers; build your multi-cloud infrastructure right here from Amanah’s data center.

Why Choose Amanah?

We guarantee the best price in Toronto for cloud connectivity. We understand that the costs can be prohibitive and work extremely hard to find the right solutions at a budget point you can afford.

Offline Public Cloud Presence
With Amanah Cloud Connect, you don’t need to connect your public cloud providers over the Internet. We transfer all data via a secure dedicated link to ensure the highest privacy and data security.

Manage It All From One Place
Amanah Cloud Connect provides consistent network performance and allows you to manage your multi-cloud connectivity from a single location.

Advanced DDoS Protection – Magic Transit

You will enjoy key network functions like DDoS protection and traffic acceleration through Magic Transit. We route traffic via Border Gateway Protocol, maintaining your network’s low latency while dropping hazards immediately. 

With Magic Transit, Amanah protects your on-premises, hybrid, and cloud networks with private IPs that detect and attack threats at their origin. 


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