Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Get directly connected to the world’s largest cloud provider with our Network-to-Network infrastructure.

Enjoy enhanced security, reliability, and high performance with a private and dedicated access to AWS.

Achieve the flexibility and agility you need to respond quickly to changing digital demand.

Amazon web services<br />

Maximize your business with AWS

Amazon web services

Connect to AWS and experience seamless scalability, enabling your business to expand and adapt as your needs evolve.

Protect your business with AWS’ unmatched reliability and security, ensuring your data and applications are always safe.

Leverage the power of AWS to expand the reach of your business, drive innovation, and build an intuitive cloud strategy.

AWS Connectivity Options

We offer access to Hosted and Hosted VIF Connections to AWS through the AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery Program.

AWS Hosted Virtual Interfaces (VIFs)

Our AWS Hosted VIF model gives you the flexibility to scale up and down your speed – in 1Mbps increments up to 5Gbps – to match your workload needs. A Hosted VIF can support one private or public virtual interface.

AWS Hosted Connection

Our AWS Hosted Connection gives you dedicated 1:1 AWS connectivity – with speeds between 50Mbps and 10Gbps – for maximum network redundancy and availability. A Hosted Connection with a capacity of 1 Gbps or more can support one private, public, or transit virtual interface.