IP Services

Our Network

Speed and Reliability You Can Count On

Amanah has spent years building and maintaining a superior network with extensive peering relationships to ensure that traffic reaches its intended destination quickly and efficiently.

We offer a variety of bandwidth speeds and diverse billing options including flat-rate, tiered and burstable for a true on-demand service with maximum flexibility.

We continuously assess our network’s performance and implement quality upgrades to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure that there’s sufficient capacity at all times.

Network Features

When you choose Amanah for your IP service needs, you benefit directly from:

  • IPv4 and or IPv6 addresses
  • Multiple home network / BGP sessions
  • Secure VLANs
  • Denial of service mitigation
  • Primary / secondary DNS link aggregation

Whether you need major bandwidth to support your online business operations or want high-speed Internet at affordable prices, our data centers at 1 Yonge Street and 151 Front Street West are flexible, reliable and secure.

Just because we’re affordable, doesn’t mean we compromise on quality.

At Amanah, quality is our utmost priority. Through strategically located data centres, peering relationships and flexible service plans, we’re able to strike the perfect balance between cost competitiveness and best-in-class bandwidth and internet services.

151 Front Street West

IP Transit at Wholesale Prices with Flexible Terms

Are you colocating your equipment at 151 Front Street and in need of serious bandwidth for your setup? Amanah has a dedicated presence at the 151 Front Street Meet Me Rooms so you can cross connect to us directly without the need to go through a third party. And we don’t like to bog down our clients so there’s no pressure for long-term connectivity commitments. Instead, we stay flexible to accommodate your evolving needs. Amanah only asks for two business days to provision the service and our prices are so competitive that we’ll match or beat any other quote.

If you have presence at 151 Front Street and would like to expand your network, you benefit from our:

  • Limitless bandwidth and the ability to manage and grow your network
  • IP transit at wholesale prices
  • Short term contracts
  • 1Gbps or multiple 10GE – whatever you need

1 Yonge Street

High Speed Internet Services at Amazing Prices

Is your office looking for high speed internet to take your operations to the next level? We’re able to offer superfast internet speeds through our main network setup right at 1 Yonge Street. Because we have a strong presence in the same building, potential points of failure are greatly minimized and you always get quick and effective support – exactly when you need it.

When you’re a 1 Yonge tenant with Amanah, you benefit from:

  • Lightning fast high-speed internet services (100Mbps, 1000Mbps and 10,000Mbps) at much lower prices than major providers like Bell and Rogers, thanks to our data centre presence at 1 Yonge Street and our direct connectivity to 151 Front Street
  • The option to collocate your servers and equipment at our 1 Yonge secure data centre and run a point-to-point connection to your office, resulting in zero latency
  • Wholesale pricing, month-to-month terms and a service that can be provisioned within two business days or less