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Amanah’s mission is to power, protect, and connect your digital infrastructure to new possibilities.

Amanah Data Centers

Amanah is a Canadian Data Center Company that specializes in providing Colocation Services and Cloud Connectivity to businesses from its two downtown Toronto data centers.

151 Front Street West Canada’s Largest Telecom Hotel, houses our primary data center. The building is Canada’s most secure, reliable, and connected facility, serving as the network hub for Internet Service Providers and Public Cloud Providers. It offers outstanding colocation benefits with top-level security, reliability, and connectivity.

1 Yonge Street home to our secondary data center, is directly connected to 151 Front St via a ring-architected dark fiber, ensuring zero-latency, guaranteed uptime, and a downtown disaster recovery option. It provides flexible colocation services, workspace for clients, advanced shipping/receiving options, and is recognized as downtown’s most affordable colocation data center.


Colocation Services at Amanah

What is Colocation?

Colocation is the renting of space and power in a data center to securely house a business’ IT equipment. It is an ideal solution for businesses with existing network equipment seeking ultimate reliability and security while avoiding the capital costs of building and maintaining their own data center. You can trust Amanah for your Colocation needs in downtown Toronto.

Colocation Services

Colocation entails finding the right balance of space, power, and connectivity, with the option to make changes when necessary. Our Colocation Services include shared and partial racks and private cages – you can start with a single 1U server and upgrade to quarter, half, or full racks as needed. All our packages include space, power, and connectivity – everything you need for immediate deployment.

Remote Hands Support

Our Remote Hands Support is your 24/7 extended technical team to ensure your business continuity. Our support includes racking, stacking, wiring, power cycling equipment, and any network, hardware, or software installation or configuration. In addition, our shipping and receiving capabilities allow you to conveniently ship your equipment directly to our data center.

Amanah Cloud Connectivity

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a network of interconnected computers or servers forming a single ecosystem known as the Public Cloud. Major cloud providers include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Cloudflare. Amanah provides businesses direct Layer-2 connectivity to cloud providers, bypassing the Internet and ensuring enhanced security, agility, and cost savings on egress fees.

On-Premise Connectivity

Amanah brings the cloud to your doorstep. Regardless of your ISP or business location, our innovative Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) allows you to connect to the cloud in just two easy steps. First, request port access from your ISP to Amanah’s NNI. Second, we will seamlessly extend your Layer-2 connection to the cloud. Build hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and disaster recovery solutions right from your office!

Hybrid Colocation

With Amanah, you can connect your colocated infrastructure (private cloud) to your public cloud resources instantly and effortlessly. Spin up and deploy a Hybrid Cloud in minutes and right-size your connection from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps to match your workload. Trust Amanah to host your business-critical applications while leveraging the public cloud for other workloads.

Related Services

Dedicated Servers

Get the power, speed, and reliability you need for your business to grow with Amanah’s high-performance dedicated servers. Easily customize server configurations to meet your resource requirements for RAM, disks, and bandwidth. Upgrade server models or scale up with additional servers, all with flexible monthly contracts.

Internet Services

Our Internet Services solution is based on strong upstream transit and a diverse list of peers from TORIX. Provided to our clients at 151 Front Street and 1 Yonge Street, our Internet Services blend routes from Canadian and US peers for redundancy. With a carrier-grade routing stack, we aim for 100% uptime to keep your business running smoothly.

Managed Services

Our expert team offers 24/7 technical support for your IT equipment, whether at our data centers or your office. Our managed services cover network configuration, systems support, firewall setups, backups, and monitoring. By relying on us for resource management, you can focus on core business initiatives and drive growth.

Bring It All Together!

Simplify and consolidate your digital infrastructure with Amanah Tech‘s intuitive platform. Our unified solution brings together all your resources, eliminating the need for separate management. Whether colocating in our secure data centers or keeping your infrastructure on-premise, effortlessly extend your IT resources to the public cloud.

Seamlessly build and manage hybrid, multi-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and disaster recovery solutions using a single connection to top-tier Internet and Cloud Service Providers. Design complex network architectures with ease and enjoy streamlined operations. Experience the simplicity of Amanah’s one-stop shop for all your digital infrastructure needs. Get in touch with Amanah Today!

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