Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a part of any service agreement between the Customer and Amanah Tech Inc. (“Amanah”).

1. Overview

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement is to set forth the service levels at which Amanah is to provide certain Services to the Customer. The customer agrees that the remedies set out herein are the sole and exclusive remedy for Amanah’s failure to meet a Service Level Guarantee. This Service Levels Agreement applies only while the Customer accounts are in good standing.

2. Service Level Guarantee

“Service Level Guarantee” or “SLG” means, with respect to a specific Service, a level of performance at which Amanah is contractually obligated to deliver the Service to the Customer and which, depending on the specific Service ordered, is established with reference to one or more of the following metrics:

2.1. Facility Power SLG: Amanah’s monthly SLG for Facility Power availability is 99.99%. This SLG applies to the delivery of power up to the electrical distribution panel provided, however, that the Customer remains solely responsible for proper utilization of the supplied power circuit, such proper utilization mandating that the power circuit not exceed 80% of its rated capacity. Any Service interruption that results from a power or environmental control failure within the Facility and lasts 4:32 minutes (four minutes and thirty-two seconds) in any calendar month is a ‘Facility Event’ constituting a failure to achieve this Facility Power SLG.

2.2. Network Services SLG: Amanah guarantees that within each calendar month, bandwidth will be available 99.99% of the time. Any Service interruption that results from a loss of bandwidth and lasts 4:32 minutes (four minutes and thirty-two seconds) in any calendar month is a ‘Network Event’ constituting a failure to achieve this Network Services SLG.

3. Credit Requests

3.1. Prior to the end of the calendar month in which the Facility Event or Network Event occurs, the Customer shall be entitled to request a credit equal to one day of total monthly Fees for each full hour a Facility Event or Network Event continues, up to a maximum equivalent to the number of days remaining in the calendar month such Facility Event or Network Event initially occurred. Requests for credits must be submitted to [email protected]. Upon receipt of the Customer’s request for such credit, Amanah shall apply for such credit against any amounts payable by the Customer under the service agreement in respect of Services delivered by Amanah in respect of the following calendar month. Any credits to which the Customer is entitled resulting from Amanah’s failure to meet its SLG’s in the last calendar month during the Initial Term or Renewal Term, as applicable, of the Agreement shall be paid out to the Customer by Amanah within 30 Business Days of the last day of said Initial Term or Renewal Term.

4. SLG Exclusions

The following periods of time represent exclusions from the SLG’s:

4.1. Periods of scheduled and emergency maintenance and any other times that may be specifically agreed to with the Customer.

4.2. Periods of downtime due to denial of service attacks, hacker activity or other malicious event or code targeted against Amanah or any user of Amanah’s network.

4.3. Periods of downtime due to the Customer directed and requested work.

4.4. Individual server or network component outages that do not impact the overall availability of the Service due to redundancy in the design.

4.5. Standard Maintenance Windows

Maintenance Windows will be scheduled in advance by Amanah on an as-needed basis. In addition, Amanah reserves the right to schedule Emergency Maintenance when deemed necessary in its sole discretion.