Amanah Colocation Data Centers

Our network-rich infrastructure and scalable colocation space make our two data centers the optimal choice for deployment in downtown Toronto.

Colocation You Can Trust

Amanah’s network-dense, cloud-enabled data centers at 151 Front Street West and 1 Yonge Street are among the best-connected, secure, reliable, and most scalable colocation facilities in downtown Toronto, offering businesses the ability to meet their most challenging IT requirements that drive digital transformation to new possibilities.

151 Front Street West

Our primary data center is located at 151 Front Street West, Canada’s Largest Telecom Hotel. Situated in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, this facility serves as the premier network hub for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Public Cloud Providers, making it the most secure, reliable, and connected building in Canada. It is home to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX) and boasts a high density of carriers.

Clients colocating at 151 Front St. can experience unmatched levels of security through robust physical infrastructure, stringent access controls, and comprehensive monitoring systems. The facility also ensures exceptional reliability with rendundant power systems, cooling mechanisms, and comprehensive disaster recovery measures.

1 Yonge Street

Our secondary data center is located at 1 Yonge Street, right within the bustling Harbourfront district. It is directly connected to 151 Front St via a ring-architectured dark fiber, ensuring zero-latency, guaranteed uptime, and a downtown disaster recovery option. It also hosts several Points of Presence (PoP) for ISPs such as Cogent, Allstream, Rogers, Bell, Cogeco, and Beanfield.

1 Yonge St. is recognized as downtown Toronto’s most affordable colocation data center. It was acquired by Amanah in 2015 from Cogeco Peer 1 and converted into a budget colocation facility for businesses that want to colocate downtown at discounted rates. It provides more flexible colocation services, workspaces for clients, and advanced shipping and receiving options.

Secure Data Centers That Leave Nothing to Chance

At Amanah, we prioritize the security of your IT infrastructure. Our data centers are equipped with trained guards stationed at the lobby, as well as our own dedicated employees on-site. We have implemented a combination of physical security measures and advanced technologies to ensure the protection of your assets within our facilities. From secure access controls to surveillance systems, we maintain a secure environment to safeguard your valuable data.

24/7 Surveillance

Our data centers feature robust security measures, including round-the-clock presence of guards at the lobby and state-of-the-art CCTV security cameras. This ensures continuous surveillance and protection for your infrastructure, maintaining a secure environment at all times.

Access Control

Our data centers employ access card entry systems and rack-level code authentication for strict access control and enhanced security. This advanced authentication process grants authorized personnel access to designated areas and specific racks within the facility, ensuring a secure environment for equipment management and handling.

Monitoring and Notification

Our data centers employ a sophisticated monitoring and notification system to enhance security. This system promptly detects and notifies any keycard or authorized access attempts, ensuring strict control over facility entry.

Uninterrupted Power Solutions for Seamless Operations

Experience the unmatched power and reliability of our data centers, equipped with diesel backup generators, N + 1 uninterrupted power supplies, multiple backup modular power distribution systems, and diverse automatic transfer switches (ATSs). With well-maintained UPS systems, backup generators, and on-site fuel tanks, we ensure uninterrupted power delivery to keep your operations running smoothly without any interruptions.

Backup Generators

Ensure seamless operations during power outages with the backup generators at our data centers, providing reliable and uninterrupted power supply to safeguard your business continuity.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Benefit from the peace of mind provided by our data centers’ robust Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems, ensuring continuous power availability for your critical infrastructure.

On-Site Fuel Tanks

With on-site fuel tanks, our data centers are equipped to maintain uninterrupted power supply for extended periods, ensuring continuous operations and protecting your critical infrastructure even in the face of prolonged power outages.

A Committed Approach to Energy-Efficient Cooling

Benefit from our advanced cooling infrastructure, including N+1 cooling systems for redundant and reliable cooling, Enwave’s innovative cooling system that utilizes cold water from Lake Ontario, Liebert in-row cooling solutions combined with hot aisle containment systems for optimized cooling supply and heat removal, as well as humidification monitoring and control sensors to maintain optimal humidity levels. Our data centers are engineered to deliver efficient and effective cooling solutions for your critical infrastructure needs.

N+1 Cooling System

Our data centers feature an N+1 cooling system, providing redundancy and reliability in cooling infrastructure. This system ensures continuous and efficient cooling for your equipment, minimizing the risk of overheating and maximizing operational stability.

Enwave's Cooling System

Our data centers benefit from Enwave’s innovative cooling system, utilizing the cold water from Lake Ontario to effectively cool the condensers of our chillers and ensure efficient and reliable temperature control.

Hot-Cold Aisle Containment

We ensure optimal energy efficiency and temperature regulation in our data centers through the implementation of hot/cold aisle containment. This advanced solution segregates hot and cold airflow, reducing energy consumption and enhancing cooling effectiveness for your equipment.

Colocation Amenities Designed with You in Mind

Amanah’s high-performance data centers are built with more than just machines in mind – they have also been constructed to ensure our customers feel comfortable and productive while on-site. Data center amenities, such as client workspaces, complimentary Wi-Fi, storage space, shipping/receiving capabilities, and staging areas for unpacking boxes, are just a few of the added colocation benefits offered to Amanah’s customers.

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