Toronto Hybrid Data Centers

Colocation and cloud connectivity combined.

Amanah data centers overview

Amanah takes pride in being Toronto’s first data centers with a laser focus on small businesses. We operate two state-of-the-art hybrid data centers located in downtown Toronto, strategically situated at 151 Front Street West and 1 Yonge Street.

Interconnected with ring-architected dark fiber for zero latency, these data centers provide the ultimate level of availability and disaster recovery protection.

Amanah’s data centers are network- and cloud-neutral, serving as a colocation and connectivity provider to support your business’s evolving needs.

What is a hybrid data center

What is a hybrid data center?

What is a hybrid data center

A hybrid data center offers the best of both worlds.

With traditional functions, it provides secure and dedicated facilities for storing and managing information technology (IT) infrastructure, giving you complete control over sensitive data and critical workloads.

Meanwhile, with modern cloud connectivity solutions, it delivers scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, leveraging the advantages of private and public clouds.

151 Front Street West

Our first prime data center is located at 151 Front Street West, Canada’s premier telecommunications hub and carrier hotel.

The building hosts all of Canada’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and top cloud providers including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Cloudflare.

Amanah has its own Point of Presence (PoP) at Meet Me Room #1 and can cross connect its clients to any internet provider or cloud provider in the building.

1 Yonge Street

Our second prime data center is located at 1 Yonge Street, inside the famous Toronto Star Building.

Amanah acquired the data center in 2015 from Cogeco Peer1 and turned it into a budget colocation facility for businesses that want to colocate downtown at discounted rates.

In addition to having direct connectivity with 151 Front Street, our facility also hosts several PoP locations for a variety of ISPs, such as Cogent, Allstream, Rogers, Bell, Cogeco, and Beanfield.



security<br />

Our data centers feature robust security measures including 24/7 onsite guards, access card entry, and rack-level code authentication. Additionally, CCTV security cameras and a comprehensive monitoring/notification system are in place to ensure the utmost security.


Our data centers feature well-maintained Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems, backup generators, and on-site fuel tanks that can provide uninterrupted power to the building for over a week without any disruptions.


Our data centers are equipped with N+1 cooling systems, ensuring redundant cooling at all times. Additionally, we employ the Hot/Cold Aisle approach to optimize cooling supply and heat removal from the facility, ensuring efficient and reliable cooling for your critical infrastructure.

Internet Connectivity

Multi-homed network

Multi-homed network

Amanah’s network is fully redundant and multi-homed, connecting directly to Cogent, Zayo, GTT, Beanfield, and the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX). Bandwidth is included with all our services, along with a dedicated secure VLAN.



Amanah empowers you to effortlessly cross-connect to any ISP with its Carrier Neutral presence at Meet Me Room #1, 151 Front Street West, for seamless networking convenience.


Amanah’s data centers serve as the PoP for major carriers such as Cogent, Allstream, Zayo, Cogeco, Bell Canada, Rogers, Beanfield, and many more. This enables our clients to connect with any of these carriers within the same day, providing convenient and efficient connectivity options.

Cloud Connectivity

Network-to-Network Interface

Multi-homed network

We have built our own Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) at 151 Front Street and integrated all the major ISPs in the area – Rogers, Bell, Beanfield, Cogent, Allstream, and more. No matter your ISP, you are only one switch away from connecting to us.

Hybrid colocation


Colocating with Amanah allows you to connect your infrastructure securely and seamlessly to the public cloud and enjoy the benefits of a hybrid colocation setup. Scale your IT resources and move workloads between your servers and the public cloud as needed.

On-premise cloud connectivity

You can now easily connect your on-premise private cloud to the public cloud with Amanah’s innovative NNI. Simply request a port access from your ISP to Amanah’s NNI, and we will extend your connection to the public cloud based on your preferred cloud and speed settings.

Enabling seamless connectivity with leading global cloud providers