Direct Cloud Connectivity

Amanah makes cloud connectivity easy. We’ll set up physical connections to your favourite cloud providers directly from our 151 Front St or 1 Yonge St Data Centers. 

Colocate your equipment or lease servers within our data centers and enjoy an instant connection to the cloud. All current and future colocation and dedicated server clients will have cross connection fees waived. 

Don’t want to move your set up to our data centers? No problem. Amanah can connect your equipment directly from your own facility using our Network-to-Network Interfaces!

Why Direct Connectivity?

Limit network exposure when you transfer data between your private network and the cloud. Bypassing the public internet limits access points for potential attackers. 

Direct connection is much faster than the internet. Real time provisioning of your data and operations will optimize your infrastructure, leading to higher productivity and an improved customer experience. 

Reduce your data transfer out costs. Download mission critical data from the cloud to your private networks at a lower rate compared to downloading via the internet. 

Enjoy a highly available direct network that limits potential points of failure. Retain your VPN and you can use the internet as a secondary network.

cloud security


cloud security


cloud security


Network-to-Network Interfaces 

Connect with your ISP (Rogers, Bell, Beanfield, Allstream etc.) by provisioning a VPLS Layer 2 Connection from your on-premises facility to Amanah’s Data Center.

At Amanah, we believe you should enjoy the luxury of a cloud connect service that offers affordable, reliable, and a secure direct link to top cloud providers, Build your multicloud infrastructure right here from Amanah’s data center.

Why Choose Amanah?

Affordability: With Amanah, you’re guaranteed the best price in Toronto for cloud connectivity. You don’t need to empty your wallet for cross connections.

Offline public cloud presence: With Amanah Cloud Connect, companies do not need to connect their public cloud providers over the internet. All data is transferred via a dedicated link to ensure privacy and data security.

Manage your multi-cloud from one place: Amanah Cloud Connect provides consistent network performance and allows customers to manage their multi-cloud connectivity from a single location.

Advanced DDoS Protection – Magic Transit

Businesses will enjoy key network functions like DDoS protection and traffic acceleration through Magic Transit. 

We route traffic via Border Gateway Protocol, maintaining your network’s low latency while dropping hazards immediately. 

With Magic Transit, Amanah will protect your on-premises, hybrid, and cloud networks with private IPs that detect and attack threats at their origin. 

Take advantage of enterprise level DDoS protection that removes threats in under 3 seconds – the perfect solution for SaaS, VOIP, gaming, and e-commerce businesses.

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